Wooden tulips and walls with memories


interior of Sams Place, a deli in Peterborough, with wooden tulips on reflecting tables, memorabilia on white walls, a red umbrella and part of a coke machine in the background
Thursday Comfort

Thursday Comfort – oil on panel, 22 x 17″, 55 x 43 cm

The times that I paint or teach in the evenings at the Art School of Peterborough, being an out-of-towner, I run my errands in the afternoon, and I grab a quick bite before heading to the studio. Sam’s Place (“the best Dan Deli in Town”) is one of my go-to spots. Their sandwiches are imaginative, wholesome and tasty (just no pickles for me, please). The ambiance is one of comfort, where you sit at tables with wooden tulips and between walls filled with memories. The red umbrella is just waiting for the sun to come out.

Rob Niezen Artist