Heads & Tales

Heads & Tales is a series of linocuts with blind emboss, postage stamps and hand writing on paper. National postage stamps have for a long time featured portraits of heads of state, royalty and heroes as confirmation of a country’s identity, traits and values. The Heads & Tales series reflects on typical, or national characteristics of the ‘Heads’ and what they may represent. Put in an imaginary context, they tell their ‘Tales’ as humans, with their prejudices and flaws: honest, illogical, emotional, chaotic, truthful, pompous and petty. Just like us. Feeling bound and constrained by strings that pull in undesired directions.

The Heads & Tales are hand printed on my etching press. Then, the text is hand written, and finaly the stamps are added. Each piece is unique. All pieces are 14 x 10.5″ or 35 x 26 cm, and packaged in an acid free sleeve with a cardboard backing. CAN $120 + shipping. To order please send me an email at


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